Are you ready to learn how to treat the pelvic floor WITHOUT the use of Kegels? 

How to Treat the Pelvic Floor without Kegels

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Hi, I'm Becky and I've got a lot to show you!

I have a passion for pelvic health and teaching other practitioners how to treat the pelvic floor WITHOUT the use of Kegels!

Are you ready for a course that will bridge the gap from orthopedics to the pelvic floor? This course will connect the dots for you, from how the foot and ankle, the hip and glutes, and the diaphragm and thorax all relate to the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. It will teach you a new way to assess the pelvic floor by combining what you find internally with what you see in the patient’s movement patterns. It will help you to view pelvic floor dysfunction through a holistic lens, allowing you to zoom out and view the patient as a whole, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This course will give you actionable techniques and interventions to take back to your patients after each and every module. At the end of the course, you will view the pelvis and the pelvic floor as a synergistic piece of the human body that is integrated in how we breathe and how we move, and you will know how to treat the pelvic floor without kegels! 

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What's included:

Resources and Tools

Resources to help in your evaluation and treatment of the pelvic floor

Workbook to correspond with the modules for reference

Library of reference videos 


Initial Evaluation 

The Pelvis, Hips, and Glutes

The Pelvis, Foot, and Ankle

The Pelvis, Diaphragm, and Rib Cage

Holistic Considerations of the Pelvic Floor

Hear what clients and practitioners are saying:


“Out of all the courses I’ve taken, this is one of the top ones I continually refer back to and use strategies from on a regular basis.” 



“This course was THE BEST and MOST HELPFUL course I’ve taken. There is so much PRACTICAL APPLICATION I use everyday in the clinic! I still reference all the videos and resources to this day. If you’re even thinking about it, take it now!”


“Working with Becky has been awesome... With a few of my challenging patients specifically she has taught me some great treatment skills including dry needling techniques for the pelvic floor, progressions for hip internal rotation mobility and control, as well as more functional pressure management exercises. I too am a therapist that doesn't love prescribing kegels so it has been refreshing to gain skills that don't even start with that as a focus!” 


Becky has taught me almost everything I know about how the pelvic floor connects with the rest of the body. She lit the fire that fueled my excitement about transitioning from traditional ortho PT to pelvic health PT, as she taught me the gaps and lapses there were in orthopedics that contributed to patients not improving with their dysfunction (think low back pain, hip pain, SIJ/tailbone pain, etc.). The connections that she makes bridge those gaps between ortho and pelvic health PT - as it all truly is one in the same and is SO important for ALL PTs to understand and be treating their patients with. She’s truly a master at her craft and Genesis would not be what it is without her knowledge and approach to how she treats her patients (and employees!).” 


I can’t say enough good things... I am so grateful for Dr Becky’s expertise. She was so thorough with her assessment and I really felt that she tailored a plan of care specific to me. She was a GAME CHANGER for my postpartum recovery. I am also a PT and am SUPER picky about my health care providers, especially PT. She went above and beyond for my care. My issues were resolved in TWO VISITS. Amazing!”


“Becky is my pelvic floor hero! After a challenging delivery, I was referred to PT for pelvic floor recovery work. Becky was personable throughout all of our visits, and I always left feeling like I was receiving truly individualized care for my specific issues. On top of being a caring professional who dramatically decreased my symptoms over the course of a few visits, she is the type of person you want to spend time with during potentially awkward treatment. Always kind, engaging, and fun, you leave appointments feeling like you've spent an hour with a good friend. Can't recommend Becky enough for women's PT needs!”


“I saw Dr. Becky throughout my second pregnancy and postpartum. No kegels here! She helped me address my pelvic floor issues during pregnancy and have a pregnancy free from back pain and beautiful home birth and early postpartum recovery. I'm back to the gym now stronger than ever just 6 months postpartum.”


"As a pre and postnatal coach who does not do internal assessments on women clients, I found this course invaluable . The depth of knowledge and experience taught at a level which was truly understandable was brilliant. Becky was on hand to answer any questions I had. No matter how simple or technical. I would highly recommend the coaches calls every week while you go through the module. I looked forward to these to share my experiences and ask anything that I didn't understand. Becky was very patient and took time to make sure that everyone understood any explanations.  There is some coverage on internal assessment and external palpating (which is not something I do myself but found it interesting to learn about). I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who coaches or trains women"

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