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Discover how to get outside the pelvis when it comes to treating your pelvic health clients. We are here to help you bridge the orthopedic pelvic floor gap, hone your manual and exercise prescription skills for symptoms ranging from hip pain, to GI disturbance, to pelvic organ prolapse.

If you’re a leader in your clinic or business, we are here to help you grow and polish your leadership skills, expand your practice in a way that aligns with your values and personal goals, grow a true dream team that believes in your vision, and to change the game with us! 



If you're driven by the desire to make a genuine impact in the lives of your patients, your team, and within the realm of pelvic health, then you've landed in the perfect spot!

From a clinical standpoint, do you ever sense a gap in your patient care, feeling there's something more needed to propel them to complete recovery and beyond? Are traditional pelvic floor exercises falling short for your higher-level patients? Perhaps, as a business owner or team leader, you've tasted success but are uncertain about scaling your practice from here, or nurturing your team effectively. You yearn for substantial growth but want to do it right, cultivating an exceptional work culture that not only fulfills your dreams but enables you to create dream opportunities for others. It's possible that your business is engulfing your life, leaving you puzzled about the lack of adequate ROI despite investing so much time and effort into growth and scaling. Balancing your business, team, and personal life seems like an enigma. Rest assured, you've found the right place for guidance!

Meet Drs. Becky Allen and Corrie Maguire - the Founder turned CEO (Becky) and the COO (Corrie) - also serving as Physical Therapists and Co-Owners of Genesis PT & Wellness. We've walked the path you're on. Sensing that there's more to pelvic floor dysfunction than the pelvic floor itself, we have spent multiple years learning how to determine the genuine root cause of our patients' symptoms… and now we are here to teach it to you! Our journey involved building Genesis PT & Wellness from scratch, expanding from a single subleased room to six clinic locations (with more coming!), a team exceeding 20 members, and achieving a seven-figure revenue, all while remaining authentic to our values and purpose.

We believe that we are BETTER TOGETHER, that there is always more room at the table. You CAN sit with us!

We invite you to pull up a seat at our table, and let us walk with you through the dreaming, planning, and scaling, to realizing that YOU’VE GOT THIS! Let us teach you how to think outside the pelvis… how to implement innovative treatment techniques to get epic results for your patients, and how to change the pelvic health game. 

It's time to GROW your practice, provide GREAT patient care, and create the life and business you LOVE!

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Signature Clinical Course

How to Treat the Pelvic Floor Without Kegels


This course is what you've been looking for....




Are you ready for a course that will bridge the gap from orthopedics to the pelvic floor?

This course will connect the dots for you, from how the foot and ankle, the hip and glutes, and the diaphragm and thorax all relate to the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. It will teach you a new way to assess the pelvic floor by combining what you find internally with what you see in the patient’s movement patterns.

It will help you to view pelvic floor dysfunction through a holistic lens, allowing you to zoom out and view the patient as a whole, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This course will give you actionable techniques and interventions to take back to your patients after each and every module.

At the end of the course, you will view the pelvis and the pelvic floor as a synergistic piece of the human body that is integrated in how we breathe and how we move, and you will know how to treat the pelvic floor without kegels! 


The Initial Eval: Finding the Low Hanging Fruit


The Pelvis, Hips and Glutes


The Pelvis, Foot and Ankle


The Pelvis, Diaphragm and Thorax


Holistic Considerations for the Pelvic Health Client

BONUS: Coaching Add-On!

5 weeks of small group coaching relating to each module

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Here's what our students are saying:

“Out of all the courses I’ve taken, this is one of the top ones I continually refer back to and use strategies from on a regular basis.”

- Sarah

“This course was THE BEST and MOST HELPFUL course I’ve taken. There is so much PRACTICAL APPLICATION I use everyday in the clinic! I still reference all the videos and resources to this day. If you’re even thinking about it, take it now!”

- Kathryn

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Clinical Coaching and Business Mentorship Opportunities


Have you ever wished you had like-minded practitioners to bounce ideas off of, to get help on patient cases from, and to build community with?

Are you lacking mentorship in your clinical skills?

Do you need somewhere to turn when you are STUMPED?

Join us in our clinical group mastermind session! Be sure you’re on the list for the next cohort… Launching JANUARY 2024!

Hear what our group mastermind participants have to say:

“As the only pelvic physical therapist in my rural area, I do not have a local mentor to bounce ideas off of and troubleshoot challenging patient cases. This mentorship has truly met that need. Becky and our group have been so knowledgeable and supportive. It is amazing to have a group that not only understands what I do and treat, but are equally passionate. Everyone in our group has a unique perspective and creative ideas that have directly benefited my patients. No case has been too complex to discuss and get great ideas. My confidence as a clinician has improved as well as my skills. I would recommend this group to anyone who works in pelvic health in need of mentorship!”

- Erin 

Love this group! Being able to huddle with like-minded professionals and review hard cases is PRICELESS. From hands on techniques to discussing other holistic treatment options and having surprise guest speakers - y’all we really talk about it all! The guidance from this group has been key to my growth as a healthcare provider. Highly highly recommend!”

- Kathryn

The clinical mastermind has been incredibly supportive to my practice. Although I am a seasoned PT, being in practice and the solo pelvic health PT in our group, brainstorming with other like-minded pelvic health professionals is invaluable. I am grateful to Becky for creating this space that allows me to learn new skills, confirm my treatments are on the right track and to share ideas with other therapists around the country. The clinical mastermind has had a daily direct impact on my practice as a PT and my patients.”

- Francesca 

“Being a part of the group clinical mastermind has been invaluable to both my growth as a clinician and to my patients. As a solo practitioner in my practice, it has been so helpful to discuss difficult patient cases and troubleshoot with other providers. I have learned so much during each group call, as well as in our Slack channel discussions. I highly recommend this group if you want to level up as a provider and improve your patient outcomes!”


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We have a passion for coaching leaders and business owners in dreaming big, scaling, building and leading your dream team, and living a life you love while running a wildly successful practice! Let us teach you so you can be the leading pelvic health provider in your area, build a team who shares your vision and is actively living out your mission, and learn what it means to make decisions based on your WHY… and realize that is the true key to value aligned growth and success.

Whether you are a pelvic floor therapist looking to improve your clinical skills or collaborate on tough cases, or are the founder of a rapidly growing practice who is ready to move into the CEO role to scale your business, grow your dream team, and live your best life, we've got you covered!

What is it like to get us 1:1?

“Working with Dr. Corrie has been a revelation in my professional journey. As a pelvic health therapist stepping into the role of a clinical director, I found myself challenged with the "why" behind my decision. Dr. Corrie has been instrumental in helping me untangle my thoughts, bringing clarity to my motivations, and reshaping my understanding of leadership. In her coaching program, Dr. Corrie blends deep listening with powerful questioning techniques that encourage introspection and discovery. Her approach is not just about imparting knowledge, it's about guiding you to find your own truths. I have always aspired to lead by serving but I struggled with the “how” to truly translate this skill into my new role. With each session Dr. Corrie provided new insights and a deeper understanding of how to channel my desire to serve my team and serve the broader mission of my clinic. It is not often you find someone who can challenge you and support you in equal measure, and that’s what makes working with Dr. Corrie so amazing. I am incredibly grateful for her mentorship and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

- Sheron

"Corrie has helped pave the way for me as a director in more ways than I can verbalize. She has a calming, easy presence that exudes understanding, with just the right amount of firmness that doesn't feel threatening; she is able to make sure everyone feels seen and heard, but also gets her objectives met at the same time. Corrie's ability to be 10 steps ahead with her vision allows her to guide others in such a positive and effective manner, that I have not experienced in prior bosses (before coming to Genesis). Corrie is a massive asset to any group she is in and its because of her many endearing qualities as a leader herself, but also in her ability to pull that leadership out of whoever she is working with! I know Genesis would not be the same without her, but in reality, I would not be the leader I am without her as well, she truly makes us all better "

- Amelia

“I have been working with Becky for over a year as a 1:1 client. She has helped me work through some unique and challenging phases of business, including re-opening my practice in a new state. She provides practical and helpful advice, challenges me to push myself, while also being empathetic and encouraging. She continues to provide more and more value to her VIP clients, and I look forward to continuing to work together to help my practice thrive!”

- Alexis

“I tossed around the idea of working with a business coach since I started but I was scared of being pushed outside my comfort zone. When I came across Becky’s page, I felt like she would be the perfect fit. Every meeting I have with her, I leave so excited and energized. I feel like she truly believes in me and is rooting for me. I have seen exponential growth in my business and my mindset. It’s so nice to know I have her in my corner and she’s invaluable as a resource for the big decisions but also the small ones. She’s all I could ask for as a coach!”

- Beth 

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We're Licensed Physical Therapists, with Becky as the Founder and CEO and Corrie as the COO, serving as the Co-Owners of Genesis PT & Wellness. Based in DFW Texas, our cash-based pelvic floor therapy practice is a thriving seven-figure enterprise with a team of 17 therapists and four administrative professionals spread across five locations (and more to come).

Our unwavering passion lies in revolutionizing the field of pelvic health, emphasizing both clinical excellence and business leadership. We're committed to providing you with clinical support, value-aligned leadership coaching, and business growth guidance.

We believe in the power of the TEAM and collaboration, championing the idea that we are stronger together. Let’s change the game!

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