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From a clinical perspective, I am here to teach you how to bridge the orthopedic pelvic floor gap and find the missing link in your treatment approach to get your patients across the finish line! From a business perspective, I am here to guide you in scaling your pelvic health practice, growing your dream team, and balancing business and motherhood!

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Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your patient care?

Like you need MORE to get your patients to 100%... and beyond? Do you feel like traditional pelvic floor exercises just aren't cutting it for your higher level patients? And what about your business... do you feel like you've tasted success, but aren't quite sure how to scale your practice from here? You know you need to grow your team, but want to be sure you do it RIGHT, with a killer work culture to not only have YOUR dream job, but also CREATE dream jobs. Or maybe you feel like your business is taking over your life, your motherhood... and you need to know HOW you can balance it all? You're in the right place! I am Dr. Becky Allen, Founder and CEO of Genesis PT & Wellness, Founder and Coach of The Pelvic Powerhouse, and my most important title.. Mom to my two kiddos! I have been where you are... stuck without mentorship in my clinical practice... knowing there is MORE to the pelvic floor than the pelvic floor, but unsure what exactly I was missing. I have been the successful Founder, doing it ALL, being cheered on by family, friends, and followers... all while silently drowning in my success and unsure where to go from there. Wondering how to grow, and questioning if I should even try. I built Genesis PT & Wellness, a 7 figure Pelvic Floor Therapy practice with 5 locations across DFW, in 2 years with a dream team beside me, reclaimed the balance between business and motherhood, all while changing the game of pelvic floor therapy and making waves doing it without Kegels. And I want to show you how to do the same!


It's time to GROW your practice, provide GREAT patient care, and create the life and business you LOVE!

My Signature Course

How to Treat the Pelvic Floor Without Kegels


This course is what you've been looking for....




Are you ready for a course that will bridge the gap from orthopedics to the pelvic floor?

This course will connect the dots for you, from how the foot and ankle, the hip and glutes, and the diaphragm and thorax all relate to the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. It will teach you a new way to assess the pelvic floor by combining what you find internally with what you see in the patient’s movement patterns.

It will help you to view pelvic floor dysfunction through a holistic lens, allowing you to zoom out and view the patient as a whole, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This course will give you actionable techniques and interventions to take back to your patients after each and every module.

At the end of the course, you will view the pelvis and the pelvic floor as a synergistic piece of the human body that is integrated in how we breathe and how we move, and you will know how to treat the pelvic floor without kegels! 


The Initial Eval: Finding the Low Hanging Fruit


The Pelvis, Hips and Glutes


The Pelvis, Foot and Ankle


The Pelvis, Diaphragm and Thorax


Holistic Considerations for the Pelvic Health Client

BONUS: Coaching Add-On!

5 weeks of small group coaching relating to each module

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Clinical Coaching and Business Mentorship Opportunities


Have you ever wished you had like-minded practitioners to bounce ideas off of, to get help on patient cases from, and to build community with?

Are you lacking mentorship in your clinical skills?

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I have a passion for teaching clinicians how to improve their clinical skills, and showing founders how to build a practice and life they love! Let me teach you so you can be the leading pelvic health provider in your area, and avoid making the same mistakes I did as you move from founder to CEO of your business.

Whether you are a pelvic floor therapist looking to improve your clinical skills or collaborate on tough cases, or are the founder of a rapidly growing practice who is ready to move into the CEO role to scale your business, grow your dream team, and live your best life, I've got you covered!

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I am a licensed Physical Therapist and the Founder/ CEO of Genesis PT & Wellness, a 7 figure cash-based pelvic floor therapy practice in DFW Texas where we currently have 12 therapists and 4 admins spread across 5 locations. I began my physical therapy career in the orthopedic world, which is why I am so passionate about bridging the ortho-pelvic gap! Since transitioning into my own pelvic floor practice, I firmly believe that pelvic floor dysfunction requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the body as a whole, and I have built my entire practice on this truth, including having trained each of my therapists in how to treat the pelvic floor without Kegels. I am passionate in helping Mompreneurs scale their practices and build their dream teams so they have the perfect balance between business and motherhood and can provide for their families doing what they LOVE!

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