Meet the Team

Introducing Drs. Becky Allen and Corrie Maguire, Leaders of Genesis PT & Wellness. Becky, the Founder turned CEO, and Corrie, the COO, not only serve as dedicated Physical Therapists but also share ownership of the practice.

We have been where you are! Realizing the complexity behind pelvic floor dysfunction, we embarked on an extensive learning journey to unearth the true root cause of our patients' symptoms. Now, we're here to impart this knowledge to you!


Our experience involves nurturing Genesis PT & Wellness from its humble beginnings, evolving from a single subleased room to establishing six clinic locations (with more in the pipeline). With a team exceeding 20 members and achieving a seven-figure revenue, our growth has been guided by our unwavering commitment to our values and core purpose.

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that we are BETTER TOGETHER and that there's always room for more at the table. We're extending an invitation for you to join us at our table, where we'll accompany you through the journey of dreaming, strategizing, and scaling. We'll guide you to realize your full potential because we genuinely believe - You've got this!

Let us mentor you through our Clinical Group Masterminds to think beyond the pelvis, introduce you to groundbreaking treatment methods for exceptional patient outcomes in Becky's No Kegels course, and guide you in scaling your practice without losing sight of your WHY, or compromising your values through our 1:1 coaching services. Together, let's change the game!

Meet Becky!

Dr. Becky Allen is a licensed Physical Therapist and the Founder/ CEO of Genesis PT & Wellness, a cash based pelvic floor therapy practice currently located in DFW Texas where she leads a team of 18 therapists and 4 admins spread across 6 locations. She began her physical therapy career in the orthopedic world, which is why she is so passionate about bridging the ortho-pelvic gap!

Since transitioning into her own pelvic floor practice, she firmly believes that pelvic floor dysfunction requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the body as a whole and has built her entire practice on this truth, including having trained each of her therapists in how to treat the pelvic floor without kegels. 

Dr. Becky is dedicated to teaching others how to lead their teams and grow their practices by remaining true to their values and never losing sight of their purpose and vision. She is known for a "team first" mentality, and will passionately guide you to incorporate these principles in value-aligned leadership. 


Meet Corrie!

Dr. Corrie Maguire has spent the last 3 years at Genesis as a physical therapist going from Staff PT, to Director, to Senior Director, to COO + Co-Owner at Genesis PT and Wellness as we have grown by leaps and bounds.

Dr. Corrie is passionate about equipping our current leaders, emerging leaders, and potentially YOU to truly grow into an authentic leader, who will be able to create the opportunity to succeed not only in professional aspirations but personal dreams as well. Leadership can come with so many growing pains, and figuring out your role in everything is like aiming for a moving target at times.

I’m here to help you find the right dynamic balance to lead an incredible team without losing your own footing. Are you ready to learn to center yourself and grow in the confidence it takes to manage the highs and lows of business, team building, clinical excellence, marketing, and leadership growth, plus who knows what else?


Ready to get started?



Join us in our online courses, group clinical mastermind, or business coaching programs to get guidance for every step of your physical therapy practice!

VIP Coaching

Get 1:1 help working through growing and scaling your practice. 

We have a passion for coaching leaders and business owners in dreaming big, scaling, building and leading your dream team, and living a life you love while running a wildly successful practice!

Let us teach you so you can be the leading pelvic health provider in your area, build a team that shares your vision and is actively living out your mission, and learn what it means to make decisions based on your WHY… and realize that is the true key to value aligned growth and success.

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Clinical Group Mastermind

 Have you ever wished you had like-minded practitioners to bounce ideas off of, to get help on patient cases from, and to build community with?

Are you lacking mentorship in your clinical skills?

Do you need somewhere to turn when you are STUMPED?

Join us in our clinical group mastermind session! Be sure you’re on the list for the next cohort… Launching JANUARY 2024!

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How to Treat the Pelvic Floor without Kegels: Course

5 modules and 70+ resource videos designed to have you feeling confident in zooming out of the pelvis to assess and treat the pelvic floor without using kegels, or other pelvic-floor centric approaches.

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