1:1 Business and Leadership Coaching and Mentorship for Pelvic Health Practice Owners and Team Leaders

As Founder + CEO and COO of Genesis PT & Wellness, together we have scaled our practice to a 7 figure POWERHOUSE. Beginning as a solo provider, we’ve expanded to 18 therapists, 5 administrative and supporting roles, and have built 5 clinics… and counting… in only a few year’s time. We’ve mentored not only our own leaders within Genesis, but also have coached numerous clients like you, looking to scale their business, grow their dream team, and change the game of pelvic health… all while remaining true to their values and purpose.

Hear what some of them have to say! 

“I have worked with a handful of coaches and each has been wonderful for the stage of business I was at for that time. When deciding to move to the next phase, I really wanted to find someone who has already done what I am looking to do: multiple clinics, many empowered therapists, other revenue streams & someone who thinks outside the box! LET ME TELL YOU, that IS Becky! I feel so empowered every call, she keeps me grounded with actionable items and I really love the 1:1 attention I receive. I feel so supported and I am thrilled to continue coaching with Becky! I can not recommend Becky's VIP 1:1 mentorship program enough, so if you are looking for a 10/10 experience, SIGN UP! You won't regret it!" 

 - Jen 

“Oh my goodness, where do I even start?! Becky is not just a mentor; she's like the entrepreneurial best friend I didn’t know I needed. I think what truly sets Becky apart is her heart. She's not just about profit and growth; she's all about building a business with a purpose. It's about creating a business with a soul and a team that aligns with your Why. She genuinely wants to see every member succeed. She's patient, supportive, and always ready to answer my endless questions. She has made this entrepreneurial journey feel like a fun adventure, rather than a daunting task. If you're in the Pelvic Physical Therapy business and looking for a business mentor who is a game-changer, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Becky!

- Kathryn

“I tossed around the idea of working with a business coach since I started but I was scared of being pushed outside my comfort zone. When I came across Becky’s page, I felt like she would be the perfect fit. Every meeting I have with her, I leave so excited and energized. I feel like she truly believes in me and is rooting for me. I have seen exponential growth in my business and my mindset. It’s so nice to know I have her in my corner and she’s invaluable as a resource for the big decisions but also the small ones. She’s all I could ask for as a coach!”

- Beth

“To have a leader who values her people as much as she values her systems is amazing. Corrie is just that, a heart-centered leader who can empathize but also is bold, clear, concise, and efficient. She has helped me to navigate my own empathy and its role in leadership, as well as given me tools to focus my energy where it matters most. I’ve experienced professional growth I didn’t know I needed and have gained confidence in my ability to be a servant leader without risking burn out.”

- Ally

We’d love to help YOU change the game! 

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VIP Program with Corrie and Becky

(full for 2024!)

Are you a solo founder, a partnership of co-owners or even a CEO + Right Hand Gal duo? Are you looking to build a dream team that shares your values and believes in your vision? Are you looking to scale your practice while not compromising your WHY? Then the VIP program is for you! 


We will be taking a very limited number of VIPs for 2024 and will get started in January… so do not delay!  

We have a passion for teaching founders and leaders how to scale, grow a team, and LEAD without losing sight of their values. We want to walk with you this year as you build a true dream team and change the game! 


1:1 Coaching with Corrie 

Hey! My name is Corrie and I’ve spent the last 3 years as a physical therapist going from Staff PT, to Director, to Senior Director, to COO at Genesis PT and Wellness as we have grown by leaps and bounds. I’m passionate about equipping our current leaders, emerging leaders, and YOU to truly grow into an authentic leader who will not just be able to create the opportunity to succeed only in professional aspirations but personal dreams as well. Leadership can come with so many growing pains, and figuring out your role in everything is like aiming for a moving target at times. I’m here to help you find the right dynamic balance to leading an incredible team without losing your own footing.


Are you ready to learn to center yourself and grow in the confidence it takes to manage the highs and lows of business, team building, clinical excellence, marketing, and leadership growth, plus who knows what else? Leading leaders is my passion, I can’t wait to share in the adventure you’re on and see what’s next. Trust me, we’ve got what it takes to figure it out!

This package is for team leads and emerging team leads who are looking for support in their personal and professional growth as a manager and leader! [email protected] what else should we put here about who this is “for?”